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Eddy Current magnetic separator ECSE

In order to meet the growing demands of the market and improve the quality of the separated material, Gauss Magneti has introduced in its production the eccentric eddy current separator ECSE.
The eddy current separators ECSE are machines employed for the separation of non-ferrous material especially of small dimensions (aluminum, copper, etc.), from the inert material (glass, plastic, wood, etc.).

Principle of operation

The principle of operation is based on the action of eddy currents generated in the non-ferrous metals, by a high-frequency alternating magnetic field. The metal is separated from inert by repulsion.
The belt carries the process material over the inner magnetic rotor, where the nonferrous is launched forward, while the inert falls freely.

Peculiarity of this separator is the eccentric rotor. The advantage is the concentration of the magnetic field in a particular area of the rotor, where it reaches the maximum intensity. This specific force modifies the trajectory of the non-ferrous material.
This separator is available with widths of 5002.000 mm.

Some parameters
BELT SPEED 1÷2.5 m/s
ROTOR SPEED ≤ 4.200 rpm
FREQUENCY ≤ 1,05 kHz

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