Gauss Magneti Filters for the purification of process material from small ferromagnetic intrusions

Food industries

that process:

especially in the
presence of liquid or
dense materials

There is a particular version of filters, applied to hot materials, which uses Samarium Cobalt magnets.
The Gauss Magnets filters can be used in systems with pipes having DIN flanges or adapting to the customer’s request.

These filters are composed of several magnetic bars inserted inside a stainless steel body (Generally AISI316) with pipes for the inlet and outlet of the material.
The flow is forced to impact with the magnetic bars which will attract any ferromagnetic intrusions.

Different types of neodymium magnets can be used, based on the required attraction force, reaching up to 10,000 Gauss.

Gauss Magneti Filters for the purification of process material from small ferromagnetic intrusions



Food industries
that process:


These machines must be installed inside the pipelines of the plants so that their magnetic core attracts ferromagnetic intrusions and purifies the process material, guaranteeing its quality.

+ It is possible to choose the most suitable type of filter based on the diameter of the pipe, if it already exists, or on the basis of the volumetric flow rates indicated in the table.

This technology is suitable where particularly difficult installation places have to be reached such as, for example, the tops of silos.


The magnetic filter, in this version, is paired with apneumatically controlled diverter valve that will take care of discharging the extracted iron outside the vertical drop line.


This technology, the most adopted in the category of filters, is particularly indicated when working on a process product that makes it difficult to qualify the intrusions accidentally present inside. This version provides for periodic manual cleaning which is simplified by the large door and the rotating core on the vertical axis.


These filters consist of:
+ duct in AISI 304 steel sheet equipped with perforated flanges, with hinged opening door and sealing gasket;
+ permanent magnetic core;