Gauss Magneti takes a solid and decisive position towards corporate social responsibility and commits means and knowledge so that the community that has given us so much receives concrete signs of our gratitude.

With the projects that we present here, Gauss Magneti aims at larger objectives than the corporate ones and at using magnetism to achieve them.


Photongauss s.r.l is a company dealing with: research, development and construction of devices for complementary medicine addressing the fields of physiotherapy, dermatology, aesthetics, sports and orthopedics.

Ma.Te. / Vant-Age

The very planet we inhabit is a giant magnet. The magnetic flux of the Earth, between the North and South poles, constantly influences us and interacts with our bodies at all times, as happens to us in relation to gravity.

It is the microcurrents and microconductors scattered throughout the human body (cells, bones, nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels) that allow the interaction of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Low frequency respiratory and heart rates, such as electrical movements, are the principles that regulate the functioning of the body. Because of those principles, Vant-Age Magnetic Modulation rebalances the electricity already present in the body, which has become disoriented due to trauma and / or fractures, bringing well-being to the affected areas.

Vant-Age also has a positive effect on strains, tendinitis, osteoarthritis and muscle tears. It is also useful in rehabilitations, in the acute phases and in the post-operative period.

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The sound of life

The sound of each voice produces a unique vibration: with the MAMI VOiCE system you can introduce that vibration into an incubator for premature babies or a wooden bed for personal well-being.

The MAMI VOiCE thermal cradle transmits to the newborn the mother’s voice, with its unique vibrations, to comfort him and bring him many benefits (measured and documented).

WAKE_UP is a sound bed that, with the same principles and the same technology applied to thermal cradles, transfers sounds and vibrations to the bodies of those who lay down upon it; the user will getbenefits of balance and relaxation through an holistic listening.

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