We believe in technological research, in innovative design, in the science of materials. To us, tradition and innovation are brought together by a magnetic attraction.

For over oltre 50 years Gauss Magneti has been combining technological knowledge and drive towards specialization to successfully pursue its inspirations: development, research e growth in magnetism and its industrial applications.











Foundation of Gauss Magnetic di Vezzoli Domizio & C.
The founding members Domizio Vezzoli and Piero Guerini first met at the Artigianelli Institute, where they were teachers. They decided to give birth to Gauss Magneti in Domizio’s workshop headquarters, in Via Musei, Brescia, enriching it with Piero’s experience in magnetism.

After a brief period spent in via Cremona, the new headquarters in Via Scaroni come to light.

Gauss Magneti has always worked in both the lifting and separation fields; to identify each sector, though, Gauss Magneti and Magneti Gauss become two different company branches.

Gauss Magneti, through the years of its true development, explores new research fields and launches new technologies in the aim of exclusivity for its products, such as electropermanent lifters and eddy current separators.

This is the very same period for social sensitivity on ecological issues to spread and for the matter of separation and recovery of materials to become crucial; with the same perspective, Gauss Magneti enters foreign markets, starting with Germany, Norway and France.

Gauss Magneti gets back to be the brand name for the whole company and two new buildings enlarge the productive sites.

New buildings, into which the current Head Office is brought, ends the making of Gauss Magneti’s current features.

Gauss Magneti’s activity breathes the same enthusiasm of its origins and multiplies its effectiveness in time thanks to the experience of a company that’s literally growing through generations.


Gauss Magneti carries, in its genetic code, the concreteness and the productivity typical of its native territory and this bonding gets to be the springboard for the international expansion of the company.


Gauss installations

Also in market’s regard, research and development have always been Gauss Magneti’s goal. The company gradually expanded its borders, keeping its bonds with the origins and territory, exploring new frontiers and entwining commercial dealingswith enterprises all over the world. From Europe to North America, from South America to Africa and the Middle East, from Russia to Australia, our systems are widely employed and appreciated.

60% of our market is set outside of Italy, that telling a lot about Gauss Magneti positive attitude towards the international scenery. .


Lively satisfaction and great pride spring from the writing of these lines we dedicate to the company we run, which has always been playing a decisive role not only from a professional point a view but in our personal lives and our families’ ones too.
Through the years we’ve seen Gauss Magneti grow in the wake of the very same traditionDomizio Vezzoli and Piero Guerini desired and created.

Born as a bonded-to-territory company engaged in technological innovation in the field of magnetism, never has Gauss Magneti abandoned those roots and rather has laid the foundations of his future right in those values. Read more…

È per noi motivo di viva soddisfazione e di grande orgoglio dedicare queste parole all’azienda che presiediamo e che, oltre alla dimensione professionale, riveste da sempre un’importanza personale decisiva nella nostra vita e in quelle delle nostre famiglie.